Validate and review your XBRL instance documents and taxonomies

About our XBRL processor

A free to use open source XBRL processor that supports all XBRL specifications

Our XBRL processor supports most of the recommended XBRL specifications and some of working drafts. In addition to the main 2.1 specification these include dimensions, formulas, generics, enumerations and taxonomy packages. It passes the conformance tests for all these specificiations. See our GitHub page for more information.

Open Source

Our XBRL processor is created using PHP and is available using an Open Source (GPL 3.0) license. It can be used wherever PHP runs (which is just about everywhere).


Our processor can validate taxonomies and will output comprehensive information about issues found. The processor can then be used to validate instance documents against those validated taxonomies.


A key design feature of our processor is performance. Although created using a scripting language the processor is amazingly fast. This is because it is able to compile validated taxonomies so they can be loaded almost instantly – there is no need to wait for the processor to parse the taxonomy every time.

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About US

Making XBRL work for internal management control
XBRL is used by regulators for control. Why not use it internally?

Our developers were involved in the initial stages of XBRL and we are using this knowledge to give you the ability to validate and understand the financial information used in your company. Don’t get caught out by invalid version of data being used by different groups.

XBRL allows you to define validation rules for your financial information and test whether your data meets your rules. It is used by regulators like HMRC in the UK, the SEC in the US, in Japan, the Netherlands, Australia, South Africa and elsewhere to make sure statutory submissions make sense.

Why not apply the same validation capability to your internal financial information?

  • Digital Financial Reporting

    Internal management reporting as well as rendering instances based on any regulatory taxonomy such as US GAAP and IFRS

  • Robust XBRL Processor

    Supports validation, dimensions, formulas and secure instance document signing to assure data integrity and verify providers

  • Web and internet technologies

    Supports many web servers on a wide range of platforms

  • Simple deployment for internal use

    Server plugin does not require programming skills to install, configure and use

Instance document rendering examples

The core of our source code is on GitHub

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